Windsor Guy


A training manual for 17th century Italian rapier, Euro 16 PZ11, Volume 11031102 ()




In his first book, The Swordsman's Companion, Guy Windsor presented the world's first concise modern training guide for the medieval longsword based on Italian sources. The book was a Chivalry Bookshelf best-seller, breaking sales records and bringing thousands of new students into the exciting realm of Western martial arts. In Duellist's Companion, Mr. Windsor does an even better job for the deadly Italian rapier, basing his interpretation (shown with 400 photographs and remarkably clear text) on the famous 1610 work of Ridolfo Capo Ferro. Like its predecessor, Duellist's Companion is a complete training system, bringing the student through an overview of the rapier, through footwork, fundamental attacks and defenses based on Capo Ferro's work and into free-sparring. This book promises to become a cornerstone work for historical or sport fencers, theatrical choreographers, Renaissance re-enactors, SCA fencers, or anyone interested in how the rapier should properly and effectively be wielded. Guy Windsor continues to run The School of Historical Swordsmanship based in Helsinki, Finland, travelling frequently around Europe and the United States to teach both rapier and the medieval longsword.