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With his first book, Christian Henry Tobler offered students of historical swordsmanship a first English-language look at the renowned German school through the translated and interpreted commentaries of Sigmund Ringeck and the verse Zettel of Johannes Liechtenauer. Since the book's release in 2002, Mr. Tobler has expanded his knowledgeof the Liechtenauer system and encapsulated its teachings through the use of the main Liechtenauer sources and through practical teaching in his Selohaar Fechtschule and in seminars around the United States. Fighting With the German Longsword is a brilliant book, distilling the foundational concepts that underly the German system and presenting them in a logical order complete with drills and photographic support. Now, the students of German swordsmanship can build their skills in a well-organized and sensible progression of skills. As such, the book will prove useful to anyone interested in historical swordsmanship. Fighting draws from the corpus of German manuscripts, including those of Hanko Döbringer, Sigmund Ringeck, Hans Talhoffer, Paulus Kals, the von Danzig fechtbuch, Jud Lew, Hans von Speyer, and Joachim Meyer. Most of the work is based on Mr. Tobler's original translations, tempered by his experience with the system as a whole.