Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction: The 14th Century


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Brian Price makes beautiful armour. There are over 1000 pictures (all black & white) in this book, many showing the different items he has made. The photos are also giving step-by-step instruction on how the pieces are made. A few of the topics covered include: the selection of metal, taking measurements, decorative techniques, engineering the joints, strapping, mail, padding and hammerwork. He has a chapter on the work of other modern armourers and projects specifically devoted to making a helm, body armour, etc. He has been doing armouring for almost 20 years, both in the SCA and other medieval re-enactment groups. He has scholarship as well as practical experience and David Edge, armour curator of the Wallace Collection in London, has written a glowing introduction. The only criticism I have heard about this book is that it does not include all the armouring techniques, concentrating only on one 'school'. He writes what he knows, and since the book is 500 pages already, I think more books by armourers who work differently is the best solution.